Jennifer Duda
Investigator/Researcher, Jennifer (Jen) Duda
Jennifer is a banker by day and paranormal investigator by night.  She has
been fascinated with the supernatural since childhood.  Jen is a natural
investigator and is passionate about getting to the bottom of those
mysterious bumps in the night.  She uses her investigative skills to find the
root cause of those unexplained noises.  Jen will do her best to debunk
those strange noises or provide you with evidence of the paranormal.  
Finding answers and providing resolution to the EPPS clients are Jen's
top priority!
Investigator/Sensitive, Anita Mulholland
Anita is a wife, a mother of four children and grandmother. She works daily
as a floral team manager for a well known organization.
From the time Anita was very young, she would have dreams of things
happening to friends and other people. Anita soon came to learn that some
of these dreams would eventually come true. Anita resisted her gift at first
due to the tragedy that would sometimes be in her dreams. Anita recalls
three vivid dreams she had of people prior to their fate coming to pass
including Flight 103, Jon Bonet and a friend of hers who was serving in
Vietnam at the time. While growing up, Anita had many paranormal
experiences including, anomalies, shadow people, unexplainable images in
photos and apparitions. Anita has the ability at times to sense and feel a
presence and believes one has even passed directly through her.  
Through these experiences, Anita has developed a strong interest in the
paranormal and EPPS is lucky to have her as a member.
Anita Mulholland
John  Mulholland
Investigator/Debunking Specialist, John Mulholland
John has experienced paranormal feelings at times but because he has
not been able to prove it, he looks to debunk these feelings and take
things at face value. John has in depth electrical, refrigeration, heating as
well as construction knowledge. Having worked  50 years in this field, he is
often able to debunk non-paranormal sounds and suspected paranormal
activity in many cases and put them in a practical realm.  John enters
investigations with skepticism which works well in being thorough.   

John is a Master Plumber by trade and has been educated in heating, air
conditioning, electrical and  in various house construction areas.  He is
married, the father of 4 and a grandfather of 13. John joins his lovely wife
Anita on our team and EPPS considers him to be an irreplaceable asset to
our operation.
Brenton Cook
Co-founder/Investigator/Tech Manager, Brenton (Brent) Cook
Brent is recently graduated honor roll student, an aspiring athlete and the
owner of a lawn care business. With his sights set on becoming a doctor,
Brent brings a solid understanding of the paranormal and the desire to
investigate at every level in a professional manner.

After having numerous paranormal experiences of his own, Brent fully
understands what clients go through and is eager to help them deal with
what they are experiencing.
Auxiliary Team Members
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
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