EPPS was founded with the belief that paranormal research should be
conducted in a professional and organized manner while giving every
consideration to the clients we serve. EPPS uses only scientific
equipment and proven investigative techniques to perform our in-depth
investigations. We will work closely with our prospective clients and guide
them through the entire process and we focus on minimizing any intrusions
to you or your home. We use only investigators who are mature,
professional, dedicated, caring, and totally committed to helping our
clients. All of our investigators are screened very carefully and only after
we are satisfied, they may be used on investigations.

We at EPPS understand that there are some of us who despite the
overwhelming evidence, do not prescribe to the belief of the afterlife or
the existence of paranormal and may even criticize claims made by others
of such. We know that asking for help with the subject of the paranormal
may be very uncomfortable for our clients so we make every effort to
keep all requests as well as investigations totally confidential and private.

Prior to our investigations, we will sign a "Hold Harmless" and a
"Confidentiality" agreement with our clients which will be honored to the
fullest extent. In the event a client wishes to make their situation known and
chooses to make our investigation and the results thereafter public
information, EPPS can  accommodate this request as well. We work with
reporters from local newspapers who have interest in the paranormal and
are often happy to join us on  investigations and share our findings.

EPPS takes paranormal research very seriously and it would be our honor
to assist you in your home or business or any location you are having
believed paranormal activity or a haunting.

Our services are always completely 100% free of charge. Paranormal
research is our passion and it is our pleasure and honor to assist you.
About EPPS.
A Few Words About EPPS
Founder, William Cook.
William Cook founded EPPS in 2007 but was actively involved with paranormal
investigations long before he developed EPPS. William, a retired police officer, had an
interest in the paranormal since his early childhood and had his first paranormal home in
1987, William had his second paranormal experience in his own home and soon after,
began amateur research with just a 35 MM camera and an old video camera.

One day in 1999 while on duty as a police officer, William was ordered to check an
abandoned home which was reported to have the front door opened. While clearing the
home, he observed a shadow figure flee from a bedroom to a closet. Upon checking the
closet, he found it was empty. This experience pushed his interest even further. William
then purchased his first Infrared video camera and continued his amateur investigations
with more enthusiasm.

In 2005, William and his wife built a new home and soon after moving in, both William and
his son Brenton (as well as other family members) began experiencing paranormal activity
once again. Still living in the same home, William and his son have experienced activity
ranging from unexplainable door slamming to voices being heard calling family members
names. Upon running mini investigations in his own home, William and Brenton have
captured EVP's which will soon be shared on our case/evidence page along with their
many personal experiences.

EPPS has successfully completed numerous investigations and has captured some
compelling evidence while doing so. While not receiving requests for investigations, we
are always seeking new places to investigate. If you are aware of any home, business or
public structure or property that is believed to be haunted or have paranormal activity,
please refer the appropriate party to EPPS. Our hot line is always open. Call us at
(610) 340-0361 or send us an                        .   We will respond to you the

same day in most cases!
our beautiful and mysterious moon.
No Ouija boards!
While we at EPPS realize there are some of us who research the
history of the famous Ouija board and use it responsibly, we do
not prescribe to it's use for paranormal research and recommend
that clients refrain from using them as well. They are not just toys.
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Paranormal Society, LLC
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