Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.
Cozmo's Wine and Spirits
Stockertown, PA
This was EPPS first "official" case upon establishing our name. We had investigated the property
once on an earlier date with another paranormal team from Allentown which had since disbanded.
The following claims have been made by past and current owners as well as patrons of the restaurant.
  • Items moved and thrown in different locations of building
  • Disembodied voices being heard by employees as well as patrons.
  • Shadow figures observed in bar area as well as kitchen area.
  • A cold breeze emanating from unexplainable locations.
  • Blood suddenly appearing on the uniforms of employees with no explanation.
Built in 1845, this building was once a stage coach stop, a hotel, saloon, a brothel and later a restaurant.  
History shows that a man by the name of Marvin who had lived and possibly worked in the building had
committed suicide after falling in love with one of the women employees and was rejected by her. It is said
that Marvin still wonders the building looking for his lost love.
In October of 2007, EPPS set up and spent the night in Cozmo's using a full arsenal of equipment and
Investigators. Personal experiences included: Unexplainable voices being heard from indeterminable
locations, unexplainable interferance/voices received over one teams walkie talkie of a female screaming
and one member felt something touch them on the arm while no one was near them (incident lasted about
five seconds).
The Investigation
In addition to the personal experiences had by investigators, EPPS was able to recover some very
compelling EVP's from various locations in the building.  Given all the details, it is the opinion of EPPS
that the location is haunted.
EPPS Determination.