Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.
  • Home owner observed a young boy wearing period clothing walk past the dinner  table one night.
  • Whistling heard in basement while it is empty
  • Dresser drawers in second floor bedroom heard opening and shutting in middle of the night.
  • Feeling of being watched
The home is believed to have been built around 1900 and was a farm house for a local farmer at the time.
Records show that possibly 2 young boys had died on the property from unknown causes.
In November of 2007, EPPS completed a full investigation of the listed property. No personal experiences
were had by members but two members fell ill during the invest with stomach virus like symptoms.
The Investigation
In light of confirming a name of a deceased party from the home and the whistling captured in the
basement, EPPS opinion is that the property is haunted.
EPPS Determination.
Our investigation provided us with some interesting EVP's. One received in the dining room provided a
name which coincided with the name of one of the two boys said to have dies on the property.  The
second EVP was of a whistling captured in the basement.