Wilson Boro Republican Club,
Wilson Borough, PA
  • Unexplainable Banging noises
  • Lights turning on by themselves
  • A Jukebox turning on by itself - unplugged
  • Snake like forms in the background of pictures taken in the banquet hall.
  • Customers in the club area below, would ask staff members if there is a party or a bowling alley
    upstairs stating that they feel vibrations, hear music and running around upstairs. On occasions, Staff
    members  would go up to investigate the possibility of a break in as there were no events scheduled at
    that time. Upon checking, they would find the room empty.
Built in 1925, the history on this building is that a man and his wife lived in the upstairs apartment of the
building. In 1951, the gentleman died of a heart attack and his grieving wife suffering from grief, decided to
take her own life by running the gas oven in the apartment and placed her head inside.
In November of 2007, EPPS performed a full investigation of the listed property. During the investigation,
we were able to debunk some claims such as the running and banging sounds heard coming from the
banquet hall which we found to be the tenants in the 3rd floor apartment. No personal experiences were
had by any members and no photographic anomalies were obtained.
Eastern Pennsylvania
The Investigation
Paranormal Society, LLC
In light of the EVP's captured, it is the opinion of EPPS that the location does have paranormal activity
present,  We feel that an additional investigation be conducted to further analyze the property.
E. P. P. S.
EPPS determination.
From our investigation, we were able to recover evidence in the form of several EVP's.  EVP's were
captured from a digital voice recorder which was left unattended in a storage broom off the banquet hall.
In addition to unexplainable bangs and scuffing sounds, EPPS found three EVP's which distinctly sound
like cards being shuffled.