Felt and energy present and was looking towards it.
Orb by my head and one by chair.
Orb now by door.
Same orb on book shelf.
Orb moves back to door.
Orb moves down from top to bottom.
Orb on the move.
Orb by my legs.
Caught the voice on ghost box saying my full name.
Ball of light has moved.
Back on the door.
Orb now behind me.
Orb on the move again.
Asked orb to follow me to other side of room.
Orbs following me to other side.
Asked orbs to follow me again.
Following back too.
Orbs follow me back to other side.
Orbs follow.
Orbs coming back.
Talking to entity.
Communicating with entities.
Communicating with entities.
Baby face orb.
Enlarged copy of baby face orb.
Note: These photo's were all taken in conjunction with our evp and ghost box sessions
and each produced some compelling evidence.  Please visit our audio evidence page
associated with this invest  here
evp and ghost box evidence