Ghost Box hits.
Question: "what's my name"
Answer: Nina De Santo.
I ask to please tell me your name.
Answer: Richard (faint but audible)
Question: Is there something you like us to do for you?
Answer: "yes".
Male voice whispering what we believe is
"the days going on"  or "the days going down"
Question: Does somebody owe you something?
Answer: "yes"
Question: What do they owe you?
Answer: "payment"
Question: Can you ping twice if that was you?
Answer: "no".
Question: Can you tell me how much they owe you?
Answer: "cento"  - Note: Cento is Italian for 100
Audio evidence
These Ghost Box and EVP hits were all obtained in conjunction with the photo's
displayed on our photo page from this invest. You may view them here
photo evidence
Sounds like female voice saying
"are gonna be free"
Possibly "garden help"
Nina: All you have to do is if you just come close to it...
Followed by a male voice saying "hey" then a female
voice saying "Nina".
Male voice saying "take the picture"
Whisper saying "okay, shoot"
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Possible French phrase.