Photo Evidence.
Aside from cropping, and highlighting a
subject, all photos are untouched.
Rieglesville Cemetery. July of 08.
Zieglerville, PA.  May 2009. Guy case.
Unexplainable mist over one plot.  
This was a perfectly clear night and out of over 500 photos taken, this
was the only one like it.
Strange orbs.
This was a windy night and if you notice by the leaves on the tree,
the wind was blowing opposite the direction the bright orb seems
to be traveling.
Reflection of child's face in window.
Taken around 2AM with deep IR camera and IR flashlight only in
3rd floor bedroom. Two investigators in home alone, no clients,
no children.
King George Inn, October, 2008.
Small female child standing with her side to camera.
This one (while not as clear as the other, appears to be a younger female standing with her right side facing the camera. You may notice
what appears to be her right arm bending upward.
Female face looking head on at camera.
See outline of the face and neck as well as eyes, nose and jaw-line.
You can also see what appears to be her hair line as well.
Female face looking over her shoulder back as camera.
Clearly see her profile, jawline and even what appears to be a
low cut dress across her shoulders.
.Birgfeld case. Rieglesville, PA. 2008.
This case was featured on the new series, The Haunted. This evidence was not shown.
Light anomalies.
First photo was taken in basement. See the white light which appears to be coming from around the corner as investigators walk into the
room.  In 2nd photo, notice the green line which appears to be consistent in density. It appears to deflect off paper bag then fade into the
wall. EVP's were also captured in this area at the time these were taken.
The pay-off!
The Blue Mist...
This one was taken in the living room area. The client was advising us that she was seeing and feeling a female presence in the room
and right in this direction. All attempts to debunk or provide a possible explanation were unsuccessful including the opinion of an expert