The EPPS Process
When you call EPPS to request an investigation, a friendly
person  will interview you to collect all basic information
needed to begin our investigation process. Some of the
questions will include: Your name and address, the number of
occupants in your home or business, the type of activity you
are experiencing and the frequency.

After collecting all required information, EPPS will then
schedule an appointment with you to perform our
confidential, scientific, in-depth paranormal investigation at
your home or business.

After scheduling your investigation, EPPS will begin to
research the history of your home or business with your
local municipality as well as using other available resources
as extensively as possible, to obtain detail on the location in
question. This information can give us more clues as to what
may be contributing to any possible paranormal activity.

On the day of your investigation, EPPS will come to your home
or business and set up our  equipment which will be used to
record any paranormal  activity during our investigation.
EPPS will make every effort to Minimize any intrusion to you
and your home or business. EPPS will treat you and your
property with great respect and consideration. At all times,
respect to your privacy and property will be one of our main

Upon completion of our investigation, EPPS will break down
all of our equipment in a timely and orderly manner and leave
you once again to your privacy.

Over the next couple of weeks, EPPS will thoroughly review
and scrutinize any and all material collected from our
investigation of your home or business. When we feel solid
evidence has been collected, EPPS will prepare all evidence  
for our reveal to you. EPPS will also make copies of any and
all conclusive evidence onto CD and DVD, which will  be
provided FREE to you upon conclusion of our reveal for your

On the day or your reveal, EPPS will review all evidence with
you in an in depth and comprehensive manner and provide you
with  copies of all  evidence (if any) found.

If it is determined that your case is unresolved and/or you
need further assistance, EPPS will make recommendations to
you and assist you further if necessary.

EPPS will only close your case
after you are satisfied and
feel comfortable in your home or business once again. EPPS is
always available to answer questions and to assist you.
Go ahead, all you need to do is take the
first step and call EPPS
You can talk directly with a friendly,
professional person who is happy to help you.
And remember, our service is completely free of
charge and totally confidential!
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.