So are there different types of hauntings? The answer is yes. There are four clearly defined and
distinct types of haunts. The four types of hauntings are residual haunts, intelligent haunts,
poltergeists,  and inhuman spirits.

In residual haunts, there is no actual spirit (as one might call it) present. These are simply images
and whole events from times past that replay themselves over and over. They are thought by many to
be caused by trapped psycho-kinetic energy; possibly becoming that way due to tragic
circumstances, but for reasons still not fully understood.  Residual haunts do not seem to notice any
other person, thing, or event going on around them.  If new walls are built in a particular residual
haunt area, the ghost will walk directly through them. Unfortunately, since no consciousness
remains, these hauntings can never be encouraged to leave, only understood and learned to live with.

Intelligent haunts are just what the title implies, they are intelligent. They are self aware as much as
you and I, as well as having an excellent perception of their earthly surroundings. This type of spirit
can interact with the physical world enough to actually move small objects. Many times they will
attempt to make contact with the living, EVP recordings of the interactive variety showcase this
quite well.

Poltergeists (noisy ghost) are also known to be smart entities therefore, they share many
characteristics of intelligent haunts. However, these spirits in many occasions will attach
themselves to, and feed off of the energy of a particular person. Many times being teenagers in
volatile emotional states. They are mischievous and/or violent in nature. The poltergeist's claim to
fame is their unique ability to stunningly move objects in a much more demonstrative fashion than
your average ghost. The reason these spirits are able to manifest such strong powers of levitation
over objects probably is directly related to the fact that they have learned to manipulate the energy
of humans to their benefit.

Inhuman spirits are referred to by many as demons. Titles aside, the point is that they are  bad news.  
These entities were never human and may feed off of the negative energies from people they
encounter. They are often very powerful and evil and demonstrate abilities above and beyond that of
any human spirit. We do feel the term demon is sometimes too limiting.  Not all of these presences fit
this dogmatic mold of the word demon.
Different Types Of Hauntings
EMF stands for Electromagnetic field. Magnetic
fields are created when electric current flows:
the greater the current, the stronger the
magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields (EMF'S)
are present everywhere in our environment but
are invisible to the human eye. Electromagnetic
fields are commonly caused by home
appliances and from a structure's internal
electrical wiring. We look for unexplainable EMF
readings which can possibly be related to
paranormal activity such as when a spirit is
attempting to manifest or manipulate an object.
Often these EMF readings will be in unusual
areas or be moving in an unexplainable manner.
EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena.
An EVP is an unexplainable voice or sound captured on a recording
device which could not be heard by the human ear at the time it was
imprinted on the recording. These voices are often responsive to the
investigators prompts and sometimes even answer questions asked
by the investigator. In a case such as that, the evidence may suggest
an intelligent haunt is taking place.
Another theory is that paranormal activity may be effected by our lunar activity.
A full moon may actually increase paranormal activity.
Orbs are typically an unexplained round imprint found in photos
which commonly appear to be white and usually dull in color. They
are believed by many to be balls of energy that are associated with
the paranormal.
Orbs are a very controversial subject among paranormal
researchers for the reason being that they are usually caused by
natural outside elements such as dust, pollen, rain drops, and even
a dirty camera lenses. In some cases, we will only show them to
clients for face value consideration and do not claim they are linked
to paranormal or a haunting unless supported by other evidence.
Just a few of the basics
Cold Spots
Cold spots are quite simply what the name
says. They are cold spots located in an area of
any structure or property. Cold spots can be
large as an entire room or small as a basket ball
or smaller. Cold spots often are found to be
very mobile and can move from one area to
another or suddenly dissipate. They are believe
to be caused when a spirit is attempting to
manifest or manipulate an object and uses
available energy in the area such as battery
energy from an appliance or from the air such
as heat energy, Upon using the heat energy,
the area is left cold.
It is believed that paranormal activity may intensify during storms such as a
thunder storm. Spirits use the abundant energy in the air to manifest and
manipulate objects.
An apparition is when a spirit manifests itself and is visible to the
human eye. Apparitions include:
full bodied, which can appear to
look like an actual living person. Apparitions can also be in the
form of a  
Shadow figure, when the spirit only appears to be a
shadow existing alone. Apparitions can also appear as a fog or
haze or possibly a glow. It is theorized that the degree of
completeness that apparition appears is effected by the spirits
ability to manifest and/or the energy available in the area for it's
use to do so.
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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Having renovations, remodeling or an addition put on your home?  It is
reported that when paranormal activity is present in a home, putting on an
addition or even simple renovations in your home can often escalate the
activity. The theory is that the spirits or ghosts feel that the home is still
theirs and you are changing it against their wishes. EPPS has had cases
where such claims have been made including items and even tools being
thrown while construction is going on and recently reported to EPPS by a
past client, a newly remodeled bathroom had its shower door open and slam
shut repeatedly during the night as well as hearing the sound of something
smashing into the wall.  In some cases where paranormal activity was not
present or not reported, shortly after construction began, the activity became
quite evident.
Planning on remodeling your home or putting on an addition?
holidays, paranormal activity has often been
sudden increase is due to the extra stress and
excitement added to most households during
the holidays.
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