The services That I have received from you were very helpful. My
home is now too quiet. My point is that I miss them. I do wish that I
could find out more about them but I guess that will remain a
mystery. I will definitely refer you to  others that may need your

Brandy W. Northampton, PA
EPPS came to our home when we called them for help with what
we believed was paranormal activity. As we were afraid to be in our
home at night, it was wonderful when they came out so quickly
and figured out what was really happening, they called it
"debunking". The EPPS team was polite, understanding  and very
considerate during the whole ordeal. Thanks again EPPS.

Vivian M. Somerville NJ
Read what some of our past clients
are saying about EPPS.
EPPS came to our home and spent the entire night investigating
and helped us cope with everything, we feel completely
comfortable in our home again and now understand what was
happening. There was no reason to be afraid. I would have been
happy to pay for their services but it was free. We will surely send
them a much deserved donation. Thank you guys!

Diane and Keith H.  Springtown, PA
My family lives in Upper Deerfield Township in New Jersey.  We purchased our home in April 2008
and at first thought everything was wonderful.  As the months began to pass my family began to
experience some unusual activities, which at first we tried to ignore.  One night after putting our
daughter to bed we heard lullaby music coming from her room, we both knew that there was
nothing in her room to make music so we tip toed upstairs and into her room.  The music stopped.  
We went across the hall into our own bedroom and the music started again.  We went back into
her room and the music stopped.  This occurred several times.  Then other things began to
happen such as our cell phones, while lying out in the open in our home, would dial each other
and when we answered we’d hear nothing.  Neither of us called the other.  Then electrical power
would go on and off in different rooms with no explanations.  We began to hear thumping sounds
coming from the one end of the house and a man’s voice, but we could never make out what he
was saying.  I personally thought I saw a man standing in the guest room near the front windows
while walking pass the room.  We had two overnight guests on separate occasions that had dogs
in our guest room, both with the same complaint.  Their dogs were restless and didn’t sleep in the
room all night, which was very uncommon for their dogs.  Our own dogs began to avoid the same
room.  In October 2008 the events were happening more frequently.  Our daughter woke up
several nights in a row with blood curdling screams, my husband began to feel uncomfortable in
the house alone, and I was terrified at night and wouldn’t even enter our guest room due to a sad
unpleasant feeling that would overcome me and absolute fear of the room.  
We were about to have a Halloween party and I began to be frightened about holding the party
with fear of what might happen.  That is when E.P.P.S. came into our lives.  EPPS psychic
member, Rebecca’s spirit guide told her there was a presence in our home.  She came to our
home and was able to confirm that the man I saw was the spirit in our house and there was also a
female spirit.  She saw and described the same male presence I saw.  She sat in our guest room
and crossed over first the female spirit very quickly and then after a couple of hours crossed over
the male spirit who she described as very tight lipped and stubborn.  She told me he and kept
insisting that our house was his own.  What I never told Rebecca was I consistently heard the man
making a /m/ sound, but I just couldn’t make out what he was saying.  Apparently he kept telling
Rebecca “My house”.  EPPS was very kind, understanding and empathetic to our family and the
spirits, which was important to me as well.  They offered her support and has done follow ups to
make sure my family is doing well and isn’t experiencing anything supernatural in our house.  
EPPS offered their assistance anytime we need them.  Rebecca was able to tell me things that I
didn’t even tell her once she was in our home.  She has an amazing gift.  
Once Rebecca crossed over our spirits, what I use to call the spooky bedroom now feels bright
and cheerful.  I feel comfortable going into the room.  My daughter and her friends have even
played in the room.  The same guests with dogs have spent the night and their dogs have slept
through the night.  Our own dogs enter the room frequently.  Our cell phones only dial each other
when we dial them.  The electrical problems have stopped.  The thumping sounds, man’s voice
and lullaby music all ended.  Our daughter hasn’t screamed terrified in the middle of the night since
October 2008.  We have our home back.  I was terrified that we were going to have to move, that I
would never feel comfortable in my house.  Rebecca from EPPS has changed that.  My family is
very thankful to E.P.P.S. for assisting us.   

Erin G.      
Upper Deerfield Twsp. NJ
Dear Bill and the EPPS team,
I once again want to say thank you. My house is so quite it is
wonderful. Since my house was cleansed, it is very peaceful and
I can't say how much I appreciate it. I was wondering though if
you have listened to any of the evp's yet? I am curious if you
received anything from your mini invest. Your team is wonderful
every time you come here and I am very thankful. Once again,
thank you for your time and help.

Brandy W. - Northampton, PA.                           
Hello Mr. Cook and the EPPS team, I was just writing to tell you thank you so
very much. I am so glad that you came to my house to investigate. I know my
daughter is just little and you could have just told me it was her imagination, but
you both came out here and watched her whole fashion show, stayed up late and
drove pretty far, and honestly thank you. I will tell you the night after you left she
wouldn't go upstairs, and to tell you the truth my upstairs felt strange like
someone was watching me. When Joey came home I told him and Cassidy said
"someone is watching you". It was creepy and weird but this morning when we
woke up she said "all the boos are gone". I could tell she was much more
relaxed and happier, my whole house was. I don't know what ya'll did but she
actually went upstairs alone without me having to turn every light on. So thank
you, I couldn't be happier. She actually is sleeping so much better tonight she
only got up once early, but it was because I woke her not because someone
scared her.

Dee Dee, Joey and Cassidy M.
Ashland, PA
Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you.  My grand daughter slept that night and
didn't close her curtains!  The basement is so cool we have had the door open to
get cold air up!  Now you know we don't do that.  I have slept so soundly, and I
got a phone call from the judge the day before my hearing, approving me for ssd
and to have the medical coverage to help me with the surgery.  God bless you
guys.  I can't say how much better it feels, it isn't as heavy.  NO VOICES. YEA  Talk
to you when I can just to let you know if anything stirs up.  But for now yea you
all beat Taps in a heart beat.  

Deb Guy
Zieglerville, PA
I have to commend you and your team...YOU'RE AWESOME! There has been a lot of strange things
going on in this house, as well as positive experiences that have alleviated a lot of my families stresses.
First off, I have to say the kiddo has been showing and doing many positive things. She is now
standing taller, smiling more and open to talk about the experiences.  

The Saturday (9/11/10) when the EPPS Team came to our house was a scary, interesting, and
professional paranormal experience that will go down in history as one of the best days of my life. So
many things happened - confrontation of concerns with the paranormal and telling a few unwanted
individuals to go away; answers to many un-answered questions; relief experienced by all family
members that tells us we are not crazy; and better understanding of how to communicate with the

During the investigation when everyone was gathered in the kiddo's room, the room included all of
the following individuals: the kiddo, 2 EPPS investigators, myself, and at least 5 spirits (Rose, her dog
Lassi, Rose's father, Rose's mean grandfather and a family members grandfather). At this time the
negative spirits were asked to leave our house. They accepted our requests and have not been around
since the investigation night. So at this point we have positive happy spirits in our home which is now
referred to as "The Inn" which includes: my grandfather, Rose, Rose's sister, Rose's positive
grandfather (not the same one that was being mean), the dog Lassi, my families friend John, my friend
Chad, and some inconsistent visitors. As you can see we have a full saying is "well at least i
don't have to feed them, they don't really need beds and they will not increase the electricity bill" LOL.
I had to find some kind of positive out of this entire experience. :-)  Additionally, the relationships in the
household have become more positive now - everyone understands each other, no one thinks each
other is crazy, my marriage is getting better, the kiddo is not misbehaving, and my health is slowly
getting better with the reduced stress level at home.

Like I said before "YOU'RE AWESOME" Thanks for all your help and supports. We would really like to
see the evidence you found from 9/11/10; however I already know "The Inn" is haunted with nice
loving positive spirits now.  Again many thanks...please pass this on to the EPPS investigators that
were present on 9/11/10 so they can hear the positive and understand how thankful we are for their
time, concern, and determination to help us figure out this situation.


H & D, the kiddo & the rest of "The Inn"
Reading, PA
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.