A thing about orbs from team member Nina De Santo

I want to first start out saying that this is my personal opinion and my belief.  I have come to this hypothesis through
my own personal experiences and over 20 years of conducting paranormal investigations. Ever since I was little I
talked to ghosts. I could see them, feel them and communicate with them.  Many would present themselves to me as
orbs of light moving and twirling in my room as I conversed with them.  These orbs were self illuminating and would
stay visible sometimes hours while I played in my room. And yes, I also saw full body apparitions.
I want to address the controversy out there about orbs showing up in pictures or videos and what they really are. In
the vast majority of cases orbs are nothing more than dust, bugs, moisture, pollen and the list goes on. But in my
years of investigating I have found a small percentage of orbs being unexplainable.

These orbs are self illuminating and the same orbs show up in many pics that are usually supported by paranormal
activity at the same time. Things like, temperature drops, K2’s meters alerting, ghost boxes lightening up, sensor
alarms going off, evps caught etc.  I like to call these orbs “intelligent orbs” and in most cases when we ask them to
follow us around they do and appear in multi pics.  In these cases, you will usually see the same orb formations
throughout the investigation. The evidence presented here is a serious of orbs some while I was channeling the
entities messages.  At the time these pics were taken, evps where caught on our digital recorder as well as our ghost
meter alerting us of a presence. We also caught an entity saying my FULL NAME on the ghost box after I asked,
“What’s my name?”

It was explained to me by an entity that we see them as orbs in pics due to the fact of the energy frequency of where
they exist  is scene this way through limited capacity equipment, as in a 2D digital camera, which will  appear to us as
orbs of light when in fact we are seeing an energy formation. Full body apparitions are either residual or in the case
of an intelligent haunting can be seen because the entity has drawn from an energy source to be able to appear in
the physical plane which is where we exist. I am sure as our equipment become more high-tech we will see them not
just as energy formations but more detailed.

These pics, evp's and ghost box hits were obtained at an undisclosed hotel in Boston we investigated.  The
paranormal activity in this location was extremely active.  Please see links below to review them.