12 Megga Pixel!
"Deep IR" digital camera.
Our Equipment
Infra Red, Digital Night Vision Cameras with 0 LUX.
These cameras have up to 84 IR led's and can see up to
160 feet in total darkness. We use different types with
various capabilities to cover a wider range of applications
4 Channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
matched up with a 22 inch monitor.
With a 250 Gig Hard Drive and crystal clear
play back, Complemented with a 22 inch
monitor, this DVR gives us the best chance
of capturing any paranormal activity.
Sony Handy Cam DVD with Super
Night Shot plus.
EPPS uses this unit for documenting an
event or recording portions of an
investigation as needed.
Sony, GE and  Samsung digital cameras
ranging from 10 to 14+ Megga Pixel.
EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Meters
We at EPPS utilize numerous EMF meters
on our investigations. We have the
standard meters as well as the quality
Trifield meter and the popular "K-2"
Meters. The K-2 meter works in a slightly
different way and is a great back up for
confirming any questionable readings we
may find. On many occasions, we have
been able to use the K-2 to get responses
from beyond.
Digital Infrared Thermometer Guns
with Thermocouple
Thermometer guns are great to track cold
spots and any fluctuation in temperatures.
The thermocouple provides us room
temperature to compare against surface
Laptop Computers
EPPS uses various Lap Top
Computers equipped with special
audio editors for reviewing EVP's as
well as photo and video reviewing
programs to assist us on
Olympus DS Digital Voice Recorders
Wireless Microphones and Headphones
Magnavox Walkie Talkies.
Crystal Clear recordings and ultra sensitive
microphones gives us the best chance to
capture any EVP's or unusual sounds. EPPS
uses several models and types of Olympus
digital voice recorders.
With wireless audio, we have much more
flexibility to accommodate tougher locations
and they offer superior quality sound.
With safety and efficiency in
mind, we use long range
Walkie Talkies to communicate
with each team. These are an
invaluable asset to our teams
operation and safety.
During our investigations, we use the following list of equipment to aid
us in the collection of paranormal evidence. We are constantly adding
and upgrading our equipment to help
further our success.
Special Audio Editor
BNC Plug and Play wire and Tripods.
We carry hundreds of feet of BNC Plug
and Play wiring for quick set ups and
long reach with our IR cameras.

We also have a selection of tripods to
help accommodate various angles and
challenging situations.
An array of special
filtered flashlights
and head lamps.
We can't get around
in the dark without a
good light.
The RCA Small Wonder Digital
Video Camera.
With up to five (5) hours of recording time,
this camera comes in very handy for quick
recordings or preliminary recordings of
new case locations.
The EPPS team is always
packed and ready to
respond to your location.
Just call EPPS and we will
be happy to schedule your
Call Now! (610) 340-0361
In addition to using dedicated, experienced and professional investigators, proven
investigative techniques and an organized plan, EPPS also incorporates many different
pieces of scientific equipment to assist us in our efforts to collect evidence of the
paranormal. The following is a list of the equipment we will use. We are constantly upgrading
and adding new equipment to our collection to assure our best chances of success so not
every item may be listed below.
Sony HDR digital video camera with 30
to 60 Gig HD and super Night shot plus.
These units are perfect for documenting an
event, recording an entire investigation or as
a back-up for our four camera DVR system.
We often employ one of these units in remote
locations to aid in our video coverage.
Trifield Meter
K-2 Meter
Standard EMF
Motion sensor alarms
We use several types of motion sensors including
audible alarm as well as light indicator only.
To catch the best possible photographic evidence
Auxiliary IR Illuminator's.
Used for additional lighting for our hand
held cameras while on tripods or just extra
lighting for our DVR system, These add on
IR Illuminator's make the difference.
It is believed that the chances of capturing a ghost in
a photo or film is greatly increased when using deep
Infra Red. EPPS has recently added this deep IR
camera to our arsenal and hope to put the theory to
the test.
This camera records still and video and well as audio.
Sample photo's
Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
When clients make certain claims relating to unusual damage to electronics or claims of
suspicious illnesses, In addition to our usual equipment, EPPS will also employ tools such as
Carbon Monoxide detectors as well as Humidity meters to assist us in determining other possible
causes for such claims.
Humidity/Tempature meters.
Motion sensing Digital "Trap" Cameras.
IR Trap Camera
Conventional Trap
Sure, you can't be everywhere while doing
an investigation, but why not still cover
areas you can be at? EPPS now uses
motion sensing digital "trap" cameras on
our investigations. Using both Infra Red as
well as standard. These cameras can shoot
series of photos as well as video segments.
Infra Red Monocular.
Ghost Box.
IR Monocular to use for sighting
possible paranormal activity as well
as for mounting up to our digital
cameras for an instant upgrade.
An updated version of the Ghost Box.
Ghost boxes are believed to allow
investigators to directly (verbally)
interact with spirits. EPPS is now testing
out the claims for ourselves.
Olympus DS Digital Voice Recorders
Plasma Ball
We recently started employing
one of these with hopes of
possible interaction with
suspected energies.
A great tool for confirming unseen
activity such as foot steps or
furniture moving. It can be
adjusted to even pick up
vibrations made by voices.
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.
The Ovilus is basically an audio
dictionary that allows spirits to
manipulate words and terms to
communicate with investigators.
EMF pumps generate a high
emf field over a small area
which can provide
spirits/energies additional
means to communicate or
manipulate objects.
Ghost Touch sensors provide
the spirits/energies an option to
make themselves known by
touching the sensor and
making an audio response.
The Ovilus.
EMF Pumps
Ghost Touch sensors.