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EPPS on weekends as well as
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for six to eight hours over night?)
If you are a smoker, are you
willing to follow our
policy while on investigations?
Are you willing to undergo a
criminal background check (costs
to be incurred by applicant) prior
to being made a full member?
Are you willing to undergo
investigation training and study
parapsychology as prescribed by
the EPPS team?
Tell us a little about yourself
and any investigative
experience you may have.
Also tell us why you feel you
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for EPPS team.
Please allow two to three weeks
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Application for Membership
EPPS Membership (Basic) Application
We thank you for your interest in Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Society
Our membership recruitment process is currently
closed. If you would still like to complete an application,
please do so. EPPS will retain all applications for future
Please complete our "on-line" application below. We will be in contact
with you shortly to follow-up.
Study ghosts from the parapsychological perspective. Parapsychology is the scientific
study of psychic phenomena, psi, done without bias. Know what you’re investigating.

Learn what differentiates genuine ghost hunters and parapsychologists from people who
don’t know scientific information about ghosts, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Learn definitions of parapsychological terms.
Learn what needs to be debunked, because of obviously wrong facts or blatant errors.
This knowledge comes by research and with experience.

Participate in 5 investigations.
The American Society for Psychical Research, ASPR, Parapsychology Foundation, PF,
Society for Psychical Research, SPR, and other respected parapsychological
organizations are our role models.  

In addition to being objective and utilizing necessary “people skills” to effectively help
clients, our investigators are required to meet the following criteria:
The EPPS team is a close knit team who works on a system of fairness and
will vote on all matters that effect the team. EPPS membership applicants,
in addition to completing our six step application process, must meet the
following criteria before being inducted as a full EPPS member. Once an
applicant has applied with EPPS, the EPPS team will meet and vote as to
whether any applicant will continue to the next step or to be fully inducted
to the team. At all times, we keep our clients best interest in mind.
Step 1) All applicants for EPPS membership must first complete our basic online
application located at the bottom of this page. After your application has been
reviewed, EPPS will contact you to advise you whether or not you will proceed to the
next step of the recruitment process.

Step 2) All applicants must then participate in a short phone interview with a
designated active member who will collect further information from you which will be
used to determine if you will proceed to the next step.

Step 3) Advancing applicants will then be assigned an appointment time and location
to meet with several EPPS members for a more formal interview at which time you
will be asked to complete a full and detailed membership application. During this
meeting we will further discuss our procedures and requirements.

Step 4) Applicant advancing to this step will be invited to join the EPPS team for a
mock or an actual investigation. This gives us an opportunity to show you how we
operate. You will be observed performing various investigative tasks assigned to
you. This is a critical step for both the EPPS team as well as the applicant to decide
whether or not we are compatible with each other.

Step 5) All applicants who successfully arrive at this step will be administered a
written test. This test will cover all information regarding EPPS policy and
procedures as well as investigative methods which are adopted by EPPS. You will be
well advised as to what will be required prior to taking this test.

Step 6) Criminal background check. Every EPPS membership applicant must submit
to having a full criminal background check conducted on themselves. Costs for said
check will be incurred by the applicant however, EPPS will only ask the applicant to
subject to this step after they are voted in by the team as a provisional member.

Note: All provisional members will remain listed as provisional until they meet the
criteria listed above under our ASPR guidelines and can demonstrate routinely that
they are following our set sop's and safety procedures as well as showing a high
level of professionalism. Additionally, you will also be required to complete at least
five (5) full investigations with the EPPS team. After these conditions are met, you
will then be considered for full EPPS membership and vacate the provisional status.
Our six step recruitment process
Looking for answers to one
of Earth's greatest mysteries.
In the interest of professionalism and evidence
preservation, EPPS is a SMOKE FREE organization.
phone call by EPPS. If advancing, you will be required to complete a full
"written" application which will be collected at the time of your interview with
the EPPS team.
Eastern Pennsylvania
Paranormal Society, LLC
E. P. P. S.